Children's hospital


In 2015 I worked on the project Anna lacht as the leader of a group of four to develop and to implement a guiding system for the St. Anna Kinderspital in Vienna. Besides the management part of the project, included my work to develop the guiding system, paint a part of the guiding animals, the logos of the patient's rooms and the look of the patient files.

The animals are painted in watercolor technique. Here you can see photos of the progress and applied in the hospital.




 The technique

The hand painted animals were digitalized and applied to wall with a special transfer technique called Transfer fresco


The colors

The animals were categorised in three climate zones -  warm, mild and cold.  The shadows represent this areas and harmonize with the colors which were already given at the station.




 The challenge

The first task was to develop a guiding system which is timeless and appropriated for children.          

The developed concept: 


Realistic illustrations combined with a shadow which guides the visitor to the information point, and it also represents the strength of each animal. In the case of the giraffe it is speed. The mother animal is applied on the opposite wall to the baby giraffe.



Two cats got applied above an aquarium which is implemented on the children's hospital station. They way they were designed and applied -  looks like they are sitting on the top of the aquarium and trying to catch a fish.




Patient room logos

On the station 3A live twelve children, each is represented by a sleeping animal. This little friend should give hope and protection. Theses 12 illustrations were also hand painted, digitalised, then printed on sticker foil and applied on the little window of each patient's room.


The last image shows  the front cover of the patient files, which have each animal and the room number on them.



Staff area

On this station is an area were children are not allowed to go to, to support that the design in this area should look different. The colors are the same to keep it harmonic with the painted animals. The difference is that the artwork looks more abstract and communicates only a feeling.