Digital art

The illustrations below were inspired by my admiration for the 1920s. 

The illustrations below were a commission, the three sketches show colour drafts from which the client got to choose, below is a closeup and on the right the final artwork.


The video on the right shows my process of creating illustration above, it includes:


- rough sketch

- colour drafts (from which the client chose from)

- refined sketch

- base colour (with a few adjustments to the sketch)

- AO and shadows

- sunlight

- atmosphere and tint

- final illustration

Below you can see a personal illustration called  'Vienna in the 19th Century', I also created an animated version of it which you can find in the category 'Animation'.

I recently took a lighting course by Samuel Smith, in that course I created paintings that show the same character in two different settings and six different lighting situations.

The paintings below show various illustrations.