Editorial work

During my course  I took part of a few competions and commercial work: magazines, illustrations for books and book covers.


War horse

Illustrating  the novel War horse by Michael Morpurgo (1982).

I choose to draw my illustrations from the horse's perspective as it is written in the book. However it was also important to me to show the horse, so  I worked with the use of reflection. The picture on the right shows the horse and the main character reflected in water. 


The picture above shows my illustration to the scene in which the extraordinary horse got drawn. I created a page of a sketchbook - the artist analyzed and studied every detail and made important notes which will be helpful for his final painting.

The story

In 1914 Europe gears up for the big war, a lot of horses have to be sold to the army. The horse Joey is one of them, he has to leave his human friend Albert and fight for England. He meets a lot of new people and has different owners but he never forgets Albert. Will they ever meet again?


The picture above shows the horse in war, it is a very thrilling scene in which the horse is nervous. To capture this feeling I gave the horse an afraid face expression. The whole drawing is a reflection of a rain puddle. The picture on the left shows my idea of the book cover - a sword from the first world war and on the front the reflection of the horses eye, so it gives the impression of the horse staring at the sword.

Festival magazine cover competition

In November 2015 I took part of the Buxton Fringe Festival illustration competition. My artwork shows a little girl with accessories matching to the festival theme.

I drew her a fringe and a happy face impression to communicate the excitement at the festival. In her hair are different accessories each represents a different art from which will be shown at the festival.

The pictures above shows the book´s spine and how it looks on a bookshelf.

Emil and the detectives by Erich Kästner

I took part of the Penguin readers children´s book cover competition. This year task was to design the book cover to Emil and the detectives by Erich Kästner. My idea was to include the title and text in a newspaper. Through little holes you can see curious children eyes.