I am Adila from Gaza


Character design 

In preparation for the characters' designs I watched many documentaries and looked at photos of real people living in Gaza to achieve an authentic look. 


The story includes seven characters which needed to be consciously designed to make the story believable. Adila and her best friend Fatima wear dresses which cover their shoulders, as it is  part of their culture to not show too much skin. Even though the family is poor they care about a clean appearance.  The grandmother and mother wear hijab and long dresses as it is common as in the islamic religion. The father and brother both wear simple trousers and shirts. 



'I am Adila from Gaza' is a 40 pages fully illustrated children's book evolving around a little girl and her life in Gaza. It is a story about hope for a better world and to show a child a different life and culture, which couldn't be more relevant is a time like today. 


The book was written by Mabel Encias-Sachez and published in 2018 by Victorina Press


The image on the left shows the complete cover. If you are interested in purchasing the book visit: www.victorinapress.com