The moles and friends

The drawings above show  rendered character designs for a children's book. 


The Merry Go Round

My final BA project was a first degree Cut-Out-Concertina Children's book. 

It illustrates the famous poem The Merry Go Round  by Rainer Maria Rilke (1906). The illustrations are drawn with colored pencils, the book itself was by means of a vinyl  plotter. The book was shown in 2016 at  New Designers 2016 and at Designersblock as part of  The London Design Festival.


The technique


The picture above shows the original drawing, after they got digitalized I drew them vector outlines on which the knife of the cut plotter cuts along. The technique is very accurate as you can see on the picture on the right and below. After it is cut you can easily remove all the cutouts .



The picture above shows a photograph of the second Cut-Out page of the book. 

The verse of this page is as follows:


'True many are harnessed to the wagon,

yet still they all have courage in their faces,

a fierce, angry lion is among them

and then and again a pure white elephant.'


On the right is the back of the book, it shows that time has passed the carousel doesn't look new and pretty anymore it  has also aged and is it slowly falling apart. 


Above you can see a stop motion animation I did of the book. When it is closed it looks like an ordinary book, but It is possible to completely unfold it and place it into a circle, so it looks like a real Merry-Go-Round.





The poem shows how fast childhood passes, in form of children growing too big for a carousel. For this book I got inspired by the idea of the german term Gesamtkunstwerk. The idea behind this word is that different art forms are shown equally important, in my case the poem and the visual art. The seven verses are written on the bottom of each side of the book. I integrated them into the illustrations as golden letters embossed into the wood base of the carousel.