Traditional Art

Drawings from life

Below are portraits drawn from life using pencil and charcoal as well as videos that show my process. 

Below are male and female figure drawings from various session.


Below are animal drawings  from the Museum of Natural History and drawings from life. 

Paintings from life

The images below show paintings from life including plein air, still life and portraiture. 


The sketches show characters, drafts for illustrations and ideas from imagination. 

Children's hospital 

 In 2015 I worked on the project 'Anna lacht' engl. 'Anna laughs' as the project leader of a group of four to develop and to implement a guiding system for the St. Anna Kinderspital (St. Anna children's hospital)  in Vienna. If you want to know more about the project click here.

Architectural illustrations

In 2017 I worked on several architectural illustrations for a real estate agency

Stationery designs 

In 2017 I worked in cooperation with Chau Art Ltd on various wrap and stationery designs. The pieces were inspired by the Pantone colours of the year: Greenery, Rose Quarz and Serenity. 

Coloured pencil drawings

The gallery below shows coloured pencil drawings.